The Dinner Party

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Family, guests, kids home for the holidays, food is a constant. Moving from cocktails to dinner does not have to be your undoing with this basket of dinner helpers. Between Bleuberet and Chef Luigi, you have an extra set of hands in this gift box from the heart of Maine. Three Luigi Del Conte Sauces are for simmering, mussels, clams, chicken or fish and/or tossing over pasta (Sambuca, Caribbeano, Marinara).  Use the Bleuberet Spiced and Lavender's Bleu for cheese before or after dinner, or on ice cream or pound cake for dessert. Bleuberet Blueberry Balsamic Jam will stand in for a regular vinegar in salad dressing any day, or spoon a bit over some melted Brie. The possibilities are endless. The diners will be happy and wanting more. How easy is that? 

And if you want to add a little more, we can include a Sea Crow Company Basket. We use them for bread, muffins, crackers and such, but you can use it for anything that needs to be contained. Water-resistant liner, but will not hold water with the seams. Makes a great gift for you and your family or maybe that wedding you're attending next week where you know there will be housewarming and dinner parties on the horizon. 


What's inside?

  • One jar of Bleuberet Spiced (7.75 oz)
  • One jar of Bleuberet Lavender's Bleu (7.75 oz)
  • One jar of Bleuberet Wild Maine Blueberry & Balsamic Jam (7.75 oz)
  • One jar of Luigi Del Conte Sambuca simmering sauce (15 oz)
  • One jar of Luigi Del Conte Marinara sauce (15 oz)
  • One jar of Luigi Del Conte Caribbeano simmering sauce (15 oz)


  • Sea Crow Company gift basket (multiple colors)