Raspberry Jam w/ Maple Syrup, Rosemary, Thyme (Infusion)


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Raspberry Jam (Infusion) is made from raspberries steeped with organic rosemary and thyme. Organic Maple Syrup is added for its health benefits (please note, this is not a sweet jam, the strongest flavor is the raspberry). The herbs are grown locally by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmer's and Grower's Association) certified farmers.

Use this blend to enhance the healthy benefits of your morning smoothie, bowl of yogurt at lunch, in place of a tea bag for afternoon tea (add a touch of honey if you like), or add a couple of tablespoons to cold seltzer for a refreshing pick-me up, or spread it on toast or a muffin. (If making a drink and you want to omit the seeds,put through a small strainer, and pour water through the strainer - note: seeds do add fiber.)

Any way you choose to use Bleuberet's Health and Wellness products, you can be assured you are adding healthy components to enhance your daily diet and staying on the path towards a healthy lifestyle. 

It is believed that the consumption of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory rich foods can aid in the prevention of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, as well as reduce the symptoms of arthritis, and combat acute inflammation in the body due to illness, infection or injury that may adversely affect the immune system.

 *We highly recommend that you undertake your own research and consult your medical support network to ascertain the health benefits of a diet high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory rich compounds that is most beneficial to you.

Read more about our Health & Wellness philosophy.



  • high in polyphenolic antioxidants and flavonoids that help prevent diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol levels, heart disease and stroke
  • High in anthocyanins – blue/red/pigment aids in obesity and diabetes prevention
  • offer skin protection from the harmful rays of the sun
  • aid in anti-aging
  • soluble fiber
  • Vitamin C and E
  • Selenium



  • promotes healthy digestion, eye, brain and skin health
  • aids in respiratory functions
  • antioxidants can aid in cancer prevention
  • iron, magnesium, calcium, B vitamins


  • promote healthy skin, respiratory health,
  • prevent bone disorders
  • high anti-inflammatory components
  • lower blood pressure
  • antibacterial properties against oral issues such as gingivitis
  • B vitamins, A and C
  • Potassium, calcium, iron, manganese


Maple Syrup

  • manganese, potassium, zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium
  • lower on the glycemic index than sugar
  • high in antioxidants
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