Welcome to the Bleuberet Journal

Welcome to the Bleuberet Journal

Nov 5th 2017

Maine used to be a place we came to in the summer, but it has evolved into a year-round home, other than the time we travel. The Blueberet Journal serves a slightly different purpose than the Blog. The blog is filled with recipes, articles about healthy living/lifestyle through the paradigm of food, and reviews of products, movies, cookbooks, and cooking equipment. The Bleuberet Journal is for capturing our daily lives. Is is about Maine, it is about places we visit, and the food and people we meet along the way. 

We live in Maine. That in and of itself is a mystery to many.  Maine is shoved into the top corner of the US, and is associated with the ocean, lobster and wild Maine blueberries (but of course).  When we reveal that this is really where we live, the first thing people do is tell us about their Maine experience, when they visited Maine, and most frequently that they have been to the most southern portion of Maine.  We are not in the southern part of Maine, not by a long-shot.  Hit the border and travel another 4 hours, and that is without traffic mid-coast/mid-state.  

It is a scrolling blog, and will only show a few posts at a time.  Anything older can be found in the "search" box at the top of the header or by plowing though the articles.  At this date there is only one, but at some point there will be many.  Join us on our daily journeys through life in and out of Maine. And if you have never been here, please come visit.  It's a trip, but it's well-worth the time.

K, J, T and Baby Bleu