Wake Up Call

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  • Lucy's Granola Gluten Free
  • Lucy's Granola Naughty Chocolate Cherry
  • Lucy's Granola Original
  • Sea Crow Baskets - Lab
  • Sea Crow Baskets - Lab
  • Sea Crow Baskets - Lab


The day begins. It always does and making sure it starts on a high note can be the make it or break it moment. Rich French Roast Coffee, a choice of Lucy's Granola, and a jar of Bleuberet Blueberry Preserves ensures a tasty and healthy start. 

*Lucy's Granolas contain nuts and wheat. The Gluten Free is free of gluten ingredients

All products are produced in a non-gluten free environment. 

And if you want to add a little more, we can include a Sea Crow Company Basket. We use them for bread, muffins, crackers and such, but you can use it for anything that needs to be contained. Water-resistant liner, but will not hold water with the seams. 


What's inside?

  • One jar of Bleuberet wild Maine blueberry preserves (9 oz)
  • French roast coffee (8oz)
  • One bag of Lucy's granola (multiple flavor options) (16 oz)