Cherry, Cherry

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Cherry, cherry sung to the tune of "Sugar, Sugar," first thing in the morning can only make the day go right.  Cherry and chocolate, what's not to love?  Bleuberet's MicroBatch Morello Cherry & Lime with Lucy's Granola Naughty Chocolate Cherry Granola (*see note below regarding ALLERGY info), go ahead and indulge.  Life is short, live decadently. 

Ingredients: oats, coconut, almonds, flax meal, crispy rice, canola oil, maple syrup, honey sweetened cranberries, sweetened cherries, semi-sweet chocolate chips & salt

Bleuberet Morello Cherry & Lime Jam
Ingredients: Morello cherries, sugar, pectin, lime

*Ingredients used are free of gluten, GMO-free and all natural. Produced in kitchen where wheat and gluten products are processed

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