Chase the Bleus Away

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  • Bleuberet French Roast Coffee
  • Sea Crow Baskets - Lab
  • Sea Crow Baskets - Lab
  • Sea Crow Baskets - Lab


Cold day in need of something cozy. Put the kettle on and break out that beautiful white and blue whale mug. Which tea? Bleuberet Wild Blueberry Tea for a pick-me-up or Bleuberet Chamomile to calm-me-down? Either way, you can't go wrong. Break out a biscuit or scone, butter up and slather on the In the Buff Jam. Put on your favorite wool sweater, jammies or pull a cozy blanket around your shoulders. Settle into your favorite chair, take a deep breath and a sip of hot tea.  Relax. Chill. Life seems good all over again. 

Have a coffee drinker in the share? Add-on a Bleuberet French Roast Coffee. 

And if you want to add a little more, we can include a Sea Crow Company Basket. We use them for bread, muffins, crackers and such, but you can use it for anything that needs to be contained. Water-resistant liner, but will not hold water with the seams.