Bleuberet 4 Star Sampler

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  • Sea Crow Baskets - Lab
  • Sea Crow Baskets - Lab
  • Sea Crow Baskets - Lab


Bleuberet all the way! You want to try them all, but are not sure where to start. With the Bleuberet 4 Star Sampler Gift Box, you can satisfy your curiosity.  Start with the basics of In the Buff Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, move into the Spiced to add some warmth, sneak in a Maine Strawberry Preserve, and really elevate your palate with Lavender's Bleu (light on lavender, and heavy on blueberry flavor).  

Why choose only one when you don't have to? Boxed with a bow. Treat yourself or someone you love to Maine summer in a jar. 

And if you want to add a little more, we can include a Sea Crow Company Basket. We use them for bread, muffins, crackers and such, but you can use it for anything that needs to be contained. Water-resistant liner, but will not hold water with the seams.