About Us

In Maine, summer is short and the wild Maine blueberry season a blip.  In that brief moment each summer, my mother has always made blueberry jam. We like to think of it as summer preserved in a jar.  So, when my mother said let's sell wild Maine blueberry jam, I thought she meant cloth-covered jars at the farmer's market.  What she meant was, let's start a family business.  And so we did.

We started to peddle Bleuberet products at farmer's markets throughout Maine in 2013.   And we grew rapidly.  I currently manage the wholesale, my sister runs the social media and my mom creates the jams and sauces that we sell.  My dad is the chief taster and you might catch him helping out at a food show.  The core product line is produced in and distributed from NH, and the small specialty flavors (online only), are cooked in micro-batches in Maine.

Bleuberet Artisanal Foods is known as a jam producer.  And it will remain the primary part of the business.  The Bleuberet blog is the culmination of why we started a food business in the first place-we love to eat good food, we love to cook, and we love to share food and foodie ideas with others.

I grew up in CT, spent summers in Maine, and now live in New York City.  My mom splits her time between NYC and Maine.  I get back to Maine whenever I can, and even went to college there.   We cook, taste, test, write and she edits.  I feed a handful of friends my sous vide experiments. She hosts five-course sit down dinners for 20 and calls it an intimate affair. We collaborate on recipes from my NYC kitchenette to her spacious country kitchen via FaceTime and email.

My mom’s food philosophy is simple; eat good food, cook in a way that fits into your lifestyle, and from that you will derive joy in life.  Everyone unwraps a bouillon cube from time-to-time, and there should be no shame or guilt in doing so, is the blog mantra.  The blog recipes are a blend of comfort foods with modern ingredients. Recipes are time-conscious, not speed and limited ingredient oriented.  Cooking takes a bit of time, and making it palatable is key.  Steps are easy to follow.  Pictures help explain techniques.  The Technique category are ways of working with food that you can add to your skill set.

All this practicality come from summers in Maine with Oma, my great-grandmother, and my mom credits her with being the most practical woman she ever knew.  Our earliest Maine memories are of picking wild Maine blueberries with Oma.  Even I remember her picking blueberries well into her 90's.  With a plethora of berries one must make jam and naturally blueberry pie (if we could put that in a jar...).  The smell of a cooling blueberry pie sitting on the kitchen table on a Maine summer day brings back Oma for all of us.  I think she would be proud of what we have accomplished.

Grab a spoon, stoke the stove and cook.

J, T, K & Baby Bleu